Hi everyone, today lets talk about one of the best ingredient in our soap, Meglow Rosehip Soap. Sweet Osmanthus Flower is one of the ingredient after the main ingredient – Rosehip oil.

Did you know what is sweet osmanthus flower?

Osmanthus flowers are produced in spring, summer or autumn, each flower being about 1 cm long, white, with a four-lobed tubular-based corolla (‘petals’). The flowers grow in small panicles, and in several species have a strong fragrance.

Here are the benefits of sweet osmanthus flower to our skin:

  1. One of the best cleansing agent (famous)
  2. Repair the skin tone and make it glow
  3. Whitening and moisturizing the skin
  4. Make the skin feels soft/smooth/re-hydrated
  5. Suitable for all skin types
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